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Switched - Amanda Hocking I gotta say the book turned out a lot better than I thought so that is a good thing. There were some parts that I didnt like but I would say overall the book was quite good. I didn't like that Finn was all like I can't be with you because we would never be able to. Yet, he kissed her and made her think that they could! So frustrating! I did like the idea of the story. I mean have you ever heard of Paranormal Romance with trolls in it(even though they aren't green and gnarly or anything like that). I did like most of the characters. Like her mother the queen was all ordering her around and everything but then sometimes it was obvious that she did care about her daughter. I know this sounds stupid but I actually LIKED the enemy. Well, I shouldn't say liked exactly but, I found they were very important in this story. I wouldn't have liked it nearly as much if there weren't some crazy enemies thrown in the story!