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The Treachery of Beautiful Things - Ruth Frances Long I am totally like overjoyed with happiness and contentment. I LOVED this book. The beginning was okay, the middle was getting better, but then the ENDING was just magnificent! I was just crying and then smiling with relief! Yes, it was that good. Let me just say I have wanted to read this book for a while now(like been waiting for months for it to come out) and I finally did get it and I think it was just mindblowing! I really didn't expect it to happen and AAHHHH!!! Well let me tell you why I wanted this book so bad.1.Fairies2.Hot Fairy dude with the name Jack3.Good storyline4.Good description of the book.5.Evil Queen( there's always got to be an evi queen)6.Evil King( this is a little addition that I like)7. Did I mention fairies?And anyway I reccommend this book to pretty much everyone!