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The Amulet of Samarkand - Jonathan Stroud Let me tell you I really enjoyed reading this book. My brother had convinced me to read it. And so here I am telling you I actually LIKED it! I was very unsure if I should read it( I know this is a stupid reason why but it didn't have any romance and it was more pointed toward guys in the first place). This book is very descriptive, in-depth, and has a complex plot to it. I did read this book a while ago so I am unsure if I have my memory straight. I do remember crying in it at least once( I'm also pretty sure it was towards the ending). The book is also quite humorous because of Bartimaeus's sarcastic replies, even if he is a mighty guy to summon. So, I do recommend this book to mainly guys because I just don't think it is for girls( maybe that is just me?). I, for one, would have probably enjoyed it a lot more if it had romance in it. However, you guys out there that like to read please get a copy of the book. I promise you, you will enjoy it.