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My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick So, let me explain this low rating of this book.First off, I feel really guilty for skipping most of this book and not even finishing the last 100 pages take or give. This is my not very excuseable reason:Picture this.It's a hot summer day when all I am doing is lazing around the air conditioned house. Did I mention that I was also really bored? So, I started searching for some books to read and I happen to come across this book in my hunting. I read the description. I thought it sounded mildly interesting and it had high ratings. I guess in the first place, I never really did have high hopes for the book because it's not really my type of book. Mainly I'm used to fast-paced adventurous books or fantasy books with a twist to it. Even a mystery book thrown in for good measure. I usually never read just a plain-old romance book like this one. So, I told myself it's time for a change and got it on my e-reader. I started reading it and I was thinking to myself it wasn't half-bad but just well.....boring. I have mentioned above that I'm used to fast-paced, exciting, and an adrenaline rush in books. This is my reason for thinking the book was boring! Probably compared to a romance-book lover it would be considered a very interesting and non-boring book but to me it was. I did like her descriptions and the plot of the story itself was quite good. I probably would have even liked it if I finished with. I may even finish it. A very tinsy possiblitiy. And it will be when I have absolutely nothing to read. Also I will probably be going to extremes if I have nothing else to read since my to-read shelf is.....let's just say alot.