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Eona: The Last Dragoneye - Alison Goodman This book is just...amazing. I'm almost rendered speechless by the magnificence of this book. No words can do this book justice. My review, also, cannot do justice to this book. I'm just trying to transfer my emotions from this book into words. I'm finding it much harder than anticipated.Here goes:The beginning, yet again, was great! The author did a very good job drawing me in from the very first page. It takes place a few days after Eon ends. They have escaped from the Imperial Palace and are now in the Fischer Village. Ryko is dying from battle wounds and quite frankly, Eona has no idea what to do. Dela insists that she at least attempt to heal Ryko, so she does. Ryko heals, but with a price. Eona can now control Ryko's will power. (She later discovers this when her fury overtakes her mind and realizes she can control Ryko's will power). After she heals him, she blacks out. She wakes up two days later in a cart, playing the part of a grieving mother. She plays this part because if Sethon's soldiers happen to pass by, they will have a cover-up. And they do...one of the lieutants has a wife that also lost a child. He pities her and insists that they will travel with them to the next village. They try to convince him that they don't need their protection, but he insists until they agree. They go to the next village, planning to have Ryko get the prince and tell him the news of his mother's death and brother's death. They get a room and later on hear a caucous downstairs. They then realize it is the prince in a mad-crazed state of mind from the news of his families deaths. And the story continues on from there...Let me tell I ABSOLUTELY loved this book, if you can't already tell from my high rating. I thought the pacing was just right balanced and the anticiptation of reading was is going to happen next kept me staring wide-eyed at the pages. I was crying also...uummm maybe alot...."cough, cough"...But, anyways I recommend this book to everybody! It was great...so just go ahead and listen to my advice already. Please tell me I don't have to try to convince you some more. :D