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Airel - Aaron Patterson, Chris  White I started this book expected not very much, due to the fact of low ratings. I pretty much only got it because it was on sale and the cover was pretty. I was pleasantly surprised! I actually ended up liking this book way more than I expected.I thought in the beginning she always talking about her looks and was selfish. Later on in the book I realized that she was still a whiner and selfish but, those were just her bad features of herself. I mean, come on people if you expect everyone in books to be an angel( this is ironic since she IS an angel) it would get to be boring. Everyone has flaws....even imaginary characters. So, I guess her flaws just made the the book more interesting really.I thought the plot of the story made up for the main character. I thought it was a good pace with a strong story line. I guess what I didn't like about it was because it was about angels...again. I should have seen this coming since there is MANY angel young adult books out there! When I say many I mean it! Angels is probably the most popular fictional based characters( faeries might beat that actually). You know the type. The girl finds out she is an angel/half-angel and she has to find out in a bad way when people she doesn't even know start attacking her...so yeah I thought the plot was a little bit used to much but I enjoyed it alot still.I really found it refreshing how she switched views between herself and her father. It let me know her parents( or parent I suppose) and her history.One OTHER thing that I didn't like is the romance. I found it wasn't very realistic( but really what should you expect when it is young adult?) and sometimes too...unrealistic is the only word I can think of really. But, what made up for all the flaws was the adventure. I think there was quite of bit of awesome and spectacular adventure!( I'm not talking about adventure like Eon or Eona...more...I don't actually know how to describe it.) That is the #1 reason why I rated it 3 stars mainly. The ending actually ended up tearing me up so it wasn't all that bad.I recommend this book to angel fans or maybe just fantasy lovers.