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Defiance - C.J. Redwine I really did enjoy this book but I have a few fights to pick with it.The beginning was exciting and it got my attention right away. I devoured the first 100 pages in a day( it was a school day also just to prove my point). Well, it seemed to kind of go down from there. Now, I'm not saying I hated it or even disliked it, all I'm saying it just wasn't really a very memorable read for me. It just caught my attention less and less as I read more. There was a lot of action going on, so to me that was a plus. But, it was just too slow for me.I thought it was cool how she could fight and handle herself( I always love strong female characters!). She did make mistakes a lot but I think she was just trying to do the right thing and ended up doing the wrong one. But, nonetheless I thought she was caring, confident( probably a little bit too much confident if you ask me), and a kick-ass fighter.The romance is probably one of the best factors in this book. I thought it was a perfect pace. I don't think they rushed in stupidly even though she did confess her love for him before but she didn't know any better. Logan was very caring and I just loved him as a character! He defended her all the time, and since she rushed into fighting without thinking alot of the time, he had to end up saving her butt a lot of the time. I loved how he was smart and hot all at the same time! :D But, really I couldn't ask for a better character in his place.The thing what I found so bothering, is the number of deaths in the book. I, myself, do not mind a couple deaths in a book, but this book had so much deaths in it! I will not say anything else since I probably just spoiled something already, by just mentioning that characters die. My fingers are sealed from typing any more!One thing that I loved was how the book switched views between Rachel and Logan. It made me look at both of their perspectives and undertstand their actions and feelings. It was a nice break from just one narrarator. If you enjoy books with action and romance I'm pretty sure you would enjoy this book. But, for me I think it needed a better pacing, fewer deaths, and a more original plot.