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Venom - Fiona Paul I really don't know where to start off at, so I will first talk about the setting.OMG!...I know I say this word alot, but really the setting was so well descripted and I just loved the time and place of this book. I love getting transported back in time and imagining what it was like for Cassandra. I love how they dressed in gowns and piled on jewelry and everything was just so...fancy compared to nowadays. And I deeply, deeply appreciate Fiona for writing such a descripted book!The characters in this book were also awesome! I must say I loved Falco the most because he was just so entertaining to read about. He was artistic, funny, and sweet. He was also quite a hottie..."waves hand in front of face"...Cassandra was very...annoying at first. I know what you are thinking! What was ever wrong with Cass? Well, I will explain. When I first met her, she seemed to always be complaining about what she DIDN"T have, not ever being thankful for what she DID have. I know that is just a little detail in the plot of the story, but it ticked me off at first. But then, I started getting why Cass was sometimes like that and I...started liking her. I found out that she lost her parents and all she had left was her grumpy aunt( and I even found a place in my heart for her) and I started seeing her life in her persepctive. After that I didn't judge her harshly!The plot of the story was probably my second( or third! It's hard to choose!) favorite part of the story. It was well paced and I continuingly had to read the book to find out what happens next. The mystery and the romance wove together to create a definite masterpiece!Lastly, the romance. Oh, the romance. It was so sweet and a bit...unrealistic, but aren't they always? I was actually surprised to find out that it had a LOT more romance than I expected. And NO that isn't a bad thing! I also was surprised to find out that there was sort of a love triangle thing going on towards the end, but trust me!....it was all the more entertaining with it.Overall, the book was great and I would highly recommend reading it! I was stuck between giving it a four or a five star, so I just decided to give it a SOLID four star!