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The Book Thief - Trudy White, Markus Zusak Ok, I understand completely why some people will love this book and while...some others didn't. I'm probably part of the latter. NOW don't get crazy on me or anything! My problem with this story is simply this fact: it's a step out of my comfort zone. I usually am drawn into the fast-paced dystopian novels. This book was obviously not that. It was a heart-wrenching, descriptive, and simple novel all at the same time. I feel really guilty that I only read about the first 200 pages of this book, but I eventually had to give up because as I said before-it was a step out of my comfort zone. I know how people always say to read anything and everything, but I'm kind of picky when it comes to books. This book, unfortunately, didn't fit for me and was too descriptive and...kind of boring if you really ask for my opinion. The one thing that really did intrigue me and kept me reading, was the sheer writing style of the author. He has a way where he describes things in a really different way and makes you think and linger on. Therefore, I have to say that I did expect it to be better, since everybody had rated it so highly, but overall, it wasn't entirely a hopeless read...it just wasn't a book for me.