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Doomed - Tracy Deebs When I first read the description, I was immediately really excited to read this! I love Apocalyptic-type books! This book didn't disappoint too! I thought this book was surprisingly really easy to get through. Maybe because I was enjoying it so much, I forgot how many pages I was getting through. Everything wove together to make an enjoyable read and really an addictive read at that! At first, I didn't like Pandora. I just couldn't really connect with her. After awhile though, I started liking her and understanding her actions and thoughts better. I thought she was extremely brave . She's a act-before-thinking type of girl. At times, I was annoyed by that, but nevertheless she was really brave and protective about the people she cared for. That one factor probably made me like her ten times better. Ahh, the love triangle. I usually hate love triangles, and this one, sadly, was no exception. There is always one(or maybe even two) people who get hurt. That is what makes me hate them so much. Yes, they are entertaining...until someone gets hurt and then it isn't so enjoyable( at least for me). I was really disappointed when I found out that there was a love triangle between Eli, Theo, and Pandora. Luckily the romance wasn't the most important thing about the novel....saving the world was! The action-packed and fast-paced plot is what me had drawn in from page 1. For me, the pacing was perfect. One thing would happen and I'd think nothing could possibly beat that...I guessed wrong SEVERAL times! There was more action also than I could have possible dreamt for! That is why I loved this book EVEN more than anticipated. Overall, this was a highly entertaining read and I will definitely look forward to reading more of her books! I would recommend this book to anyone that likes action!