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Tiger's Curse (Book 1) - Colleen Houck Ok, I admit that I now feel VERY guilty for waiting this long to read this book. I just kept pushing it aside and reading other books on my TBR pile. But, FINALLY on one day...I did it. I finally let myself pick up this book. And, oh my God, it was AMAZING, STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL, and just...my words alone can't express my feelings for this book! It was quite a thrill ride reading this book. One minute I'd be feeling happy and upbeat and next thing you know...BAM!...something happens that make you scream, "WHAT JUST HAPPENED??". But, that's what reading books are all about. Making you feel exhilarated or stunned or just devastated. That is one reason why I enjoyed this book immensely!The romance is my next topic. I admit that I was quite curious to how they would fall in love( I figured it out right away by reading the description...and if you didn't....). I was waiting to find out if it would be instantaneous love( which I hate about 98% of the time) or a budding relationship that turns from friendship to romance. Of course, I would pick the latter most of the time, but this author has a way to just make you love that it kinda...was, in fact, instantaneous. Now, I'm NOT saying that they saw each other and they kissed passionately until dawn rose up, but if you think about it, it IS instantaneous. From the moment she saw that HER tiger was a human prince in disguise, she knew she was love-struck. Ok...not exactly like that, but she was AMAZED, which in other words means she was love-struck. And, I mean come on, who wouldn't in their right mind fall head over heels in love with a guy that was caring, passionate, and not to mention, SMOKIN' HOT! So, wrapping it up, although it is KINDA instantaneous love, I somehow ended up liking it VERY much indeed.The plot to this story was slighty shaky at first. I kept wondering when something entertaining would take place. There didn't seem to be anything completely different about Kelsey besides that her parents died. I know that does sound incredibly harsh, but that's what book reviewing is all about: you have to judge it from several different angles. And when I did that, I realized the beginning was pretty boring. But, then again, that is JUST the beginning. After only about 30-ish pages( I am estimating here), it starts picking up speed and then you're all of a sudden in a whirlwind of unexpected craziness! Really, that is how I felt! On from there I LOVED the pacing and the action and the (somewhat) steamy romance! Like I know I've said before, I love fast-paced books and this book is no exception! Actually...I don't think there will ever be an exception when I come to fast-paced books...it's my weakness!The ending: it was one of those tormenting cliffhangers once again! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US, AUTHORS?! I mean, can't you let me off that hook ONE time, so I don't have an urge to pummel my pillow and immediately buy the second book? Oh wait, that's right THAT'S the reason you do those tormenting cliffhangers! To make us use our money to buy the WHOLE SERIES( erm...I don't feel espcially guilty)..."finishes rant"...So yes, the ending was okay( NO! I MEAN EPIC)...in other words.Overall, this book was AWESOME! I can't believe it took me THIS long to find this book and read it! Everything I enjoyed(besides the very beginning). I will definitely continue reading the series( how could I not with that ending!?) If you haven't already read it, what are you waiting for? This book deserves all the attention it can get! I BEG you, GO OFF TO THE LAND OF AMAZON( or b&n's) AND BUY IT!!