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The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa Julie Kagawa's new series definitely lived up to all of its hype. I literally heard about this book everywhere I would go. Everyone was praising it and reviewing it. It made me espicially happy that Julie finally got all the attenention she deserved.First of all, I LOVED Ethan. I usually hate when guys pretend to be tough and cruel, but Ethan had a good reason to be a jerk. I absolutely understood why he had to push everyone away: there was no reason why he should set himself up for getting hurt. I felt for Ethan alot, in other words.Second, Julie had another great plot! It was the perfect pace. I had my nose in the book all the time, excited to find out what happens next. I really doubted I would like this new series better than the iron fey series, but I might change my mind in the near future...Finally, the ENDING or near ending was SO HEARTBREAKING! I could not believe it. I had to read the words twice just to make sure I was not hallucinating. I will not say anymore for I might spill some secrets.This book was really great and I am going to look out for the second book for sure. I want to find out how Julie ends up weaving all these new things into the old ones!