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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer I was absolutely stunned when I finished this book. Somehow, Marissa Meyer has got me to love this book even more than Cinder, and that is saying alot. Cinder was probably within my top 5 books of 2012, and man, Scarlet is probably going to BE the top pick of 2013, unless some other book SOMEHOW manages to blow be away even more than Scarlet did.It starts off right after Cinder ended, except you have a different main character: Scarlet. Now, Cinder is still pretty important( I mean, of course she is, since she's the freakin' key to EVERYTHING!), but you only get to see her viewpoint about 40%. There are also different characters viewpoint's thrown in there, pretty much at random, like Thorne, Wolf, and EVEN Queen Levena! Yes, that was a pretty interesting chapter. I really liked being able to see in different people view's, since it let me inside their heads and undertand their feelings and emotions. So, that was just ONE small detail that I loved. Unfortunately for you, my dear readers, I still have many other things to talk about and fangirl over!Back to the story, so Cinder is on the run and Scarlet( your new main character, hence the name of the book!) is trying to find her grandmother, since the police decided to stop looking due to the lack of evidence and because her grandmother left without a trace. Scarlet runs into a person at a bar/restaraunt with a tattoo on his elbow. She later realizes that that tattoo happens to be the key to finding her grandmother. So, of course she asks for his help( ERM...not exactly ASKED for helped, but you get the point) and she goes on her journey with Wolf to find her grandmother. Yeah, that is a very shortened up version, and it sounds much lamer than it actually is. Trust me though when I type this! IT BLEW MY MIND AWAY! There was so many surprises and the plot and characters were all amazing! And now I will continue on to tell about the new and old characters.Cinder-She was as awesome as ever, except she is now on the run and desperately trying to get her powers under control. I seriously, love Cinder. How could you not? She is a kick-ass heroine and is a cyborg! So, don't worry people! Just because there is another heroine in the book doesn't mean that Cinder doesn't have her fair share of time in the book!Scarlet-Ahh, the other kick-ass heroine in the book. I really loved her from start to finish. She was strong, intelligent, and had red hair! I did think that she may have been a little too impulsive, but her other characteristics made up for it. Overall, I thought she was a great new addition in this series, and hope to see her in the next two books!Wolf-He was a very quiet and mysterious person at first. He was big and dangerous looking, but shy all the same. I'm not quite sure what to say about him. I liked him alot, but I guess I didn't love him in the beginning. I just thought he was an important character in the story. Later though, I started understanding him and ended up LOVING him for who he truly was.Kai-What dissapointed me most about this book was that you don't get to see alot of Kai. I seriously loved Kai in Cinder, and it saddened me to find out that there couldn't be any romance between Cinder and Kai, because they are supposed to appear as rivals to the people. Kai is supposed to care about his country more than Cinder, and I do understand that, but it doesn't make me any less sadder.Thorne- My first thought about him was that he was a moron, and I still think that. All the same, he was a hilarious new addition in the book! He always made horrible circumstances funny, and just had a fun vibe to him.Ok, I know there are MANY other characters in the book, but it would take me forever to put my emotions for them into words, so without further ado I will talk about the plot.Wow, Marissa Meyer did it again with her magical writing powers. The plot was intense, fast-paced, and kept me reading until the very last page. There were so many unanswered questions from the previous book and I was reading furiously to find them out! The plot was probably my most favorite thing about this story!The ending, THANK GOD, was not a cliffhanger. At least, not in my opinion.There are still many unanswered questions, but it isn't what you would call a cliffhanger. Nonetheless, I will be watching like a hawk for the third book! And there was still a thrill of excitement left in my veins that had me acting all gushy inside...even though I should be sad, since I WON'T get to read Cress, for more than a year!