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Unspoken (Lynburn Legacy Series #1)

Unspoken - Sarah Rees Brennan I have been captivated by this book from the beginning. It really isn't like any other books I have read. And that is why I loved this book so much.CharactersJared-Oh my, I almost don't know what to say about him. He had so many sides to him, but there was only one true side: he was kind, funny,caring, and passionate. From the very beginning, I kind of liked him. Maybe just because I always knew from Kami's perspective that he wasn't a "bad" boy. He had feelings and people didn't seem to realize that, all they saw was just another evil Lynburn. And that made him all the more likeable.Kami-She was an amazing character. She was so sarcastic and witty, it was impossible not to like her. I liked how she wasn't a bystander and would immediately go into action, even if she might hurt herself in the process. She was so hilarious also. When there was a moment of despair or sadness, she always had a quip to try to cheer everyone up. She was smart(most of the time). I may have mentioned this before but, I hate when the main character is stupid and thankfully, Kami was actually quite smart. But, probably what made me like her the most is her kindness. People might disagree with me on this, but she was actually really kind to everyone. Even when she was mad at Jared, it seemed she couldn't hate him for more than a day, although that may be because she couldn't stand him being furious in her head for more than a couple of hours. But, really, she was nice to everyone.Other important characters-Holly and Angelina were also a gigantic part in this story. They definitely deserve some attention. They were both amazing and I couldn't ask for more. They made the story more in depth and comical. They were such trustworthy friends which made then all the more great.PlotIt was the perfect pacing is the first factor that I loved. This book did take me awhile to devour because I had so much stuff going on, but I finally decided to sit down and finish it. I'm glad I did because I enjoyed it so much. The uniqueness(?) of the book is what made me love this book the MOST. I can't think of ANY other books like this one, that's how different it is. I mean a boy talking in your head and a family of .......I can't tell you that since it would spoil much of the book :D But, it just astounds me how the author came up with this book!The Finale...or not quiteThe ending in this book made me want to throw my e-reader at the wall in frustration and sadness all at the same time. I can already tell the next book in the trilogy is going to have some...drama. But the finale of the first book did what it was meant to do: draw you into the second book to find out what happens next. And I most definitely will be looking out for the second book!